Welcome! We're glad you're here! We'd like to introduce you to the Burton Brambles family and tell you our story. Burton Brambles was started in 2014 by Frank and Natalie Burton. We had a big dream to own a blackberry farm and put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. Family and friends, along with our hometown, have supported us along the way to help us make our dream a reality. Our family and our farm have expanded along the way, especially with the addition of our 2 sweet girls, Bonnie and Hallie. We're so excited to share our journey with you.

We started out with just 6 acres of blackberries in Coolidge, GA. Our operation has grown to produce both blueberries and blackberries on 100+ acres of land in 2 locations: one in south Georgia and another in Tennessee. These berries are special to us, and so are our customers. Bringing the fruit to your table with these jams, jellies, sauces and syrups helps us to grow our family even more.

All of our blackberries and blueberries are handpicked. Both the Georgia and Tennessee farms and facilities are Primus GFS food safety certified.

Our local schools have played a huge part in our success as a farm. Natalie taught at a local elementary school for many years, and her students and their families enjoyed being a part of the Burton Brambles story. Teachers love buying fresh berries directly from the farm, and they appreciate receiving our shelf-stable items as teacher gifts! Providing high quality blueberries for our local schools has been a highlight of our journey as well.

We're so glad that you've stopped by! Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about our farm and getting the story behind the product.